A Firefighter’s Day

It is not uncommon to imagine firefighters spending their time off waiting, lying in bed, playing cards, and cracking jokes. In the old days, this was a typical day at work. But a lot of things have changed. Today, firefighters take advantage of their spare time by brushing their skills on a variety of topics and taking on training challenges. A typical firefighter is expected to work straight for 48-hours, followed by some time off. Following is the typical 24 hour shift of a Firefighter. If you want to maximize your earning potential and explore new opportunities as a firefighter, then you need to check out the fire academy

Day Start

Firefighters usually report to the firehouse by 8:00AM and take part in a “roll call”. Roll call is usually held during or right after. Tasks and assignments will then be distributed. When there is no call during the working day, it’s also time to give out the schedule.

Firefighters will perform a few tasks in the early morning. These include cleaning up the house and doing some chores around the station. Firefighter schedules are subject to change daily due to various/new requirements.


By midday most firefighters are on a lunch break. It is not uncommon for firefighters to finish their lunch by 1 or 2.

During afternoons for instance, you will find large training sessions. In addition to inspecting and maintaining firefighting vehicles and equipment, firefighters are also responsible for training on new firefighting tactics, updating existing ones and completing inspections.

The afternoon

During the afternoon and evening hours, before it gets dark, firefighters usually finish up any work that is left undone, complete their reports and attend to unfinished issues. The time is often used to prepare dinner. In general, the time between late afternoon and nightfall can also be unpredictable. For example, a firefighter could study for any test or examination he expects, work on reports, or complete any special project or assignment.

Later Night

The late night hours are usually reserved for sleeping by firefighters. This is provided there haven’t been any calls and that the entire day has already been done.

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