Are Fences Required to be Permitted?

Fences may look like something easy to put up on your property. They are often simple to construct or can be hired by a contractor. You will be required to obtain a permit in almost every township before installing Travis Fencing, regardless of the reason.

Please check with your Township

There are rules that vary from town to town regarding how a fence is installed. To begin with, ask your municipality for their permit and fencing rules before deciding which type of fence is right for you. Important for many reasons. It is not acceptable to us that you pay a large deposit, or buy materials, for a fencing project the municipality will not approve. Some townships will require photos of your property and drawings or detailed plans of the fence. In some cases, depending on the type and size of fence that you plan to build in Delaware, you will need written permissions from your neighbors.

The fence type you select is another important factor to take into account. Some towns are tolerant of chain-links up to a certain height, while others will ban fences over 6 feet. The homeowner who is considering installing a new swimming pool may have to put up special fencing. Sometimes this will be along the edge of the pool and other times it can cover the whole property.

If you are installing Delaware fences for your own property or your company, make sure to check with the municipality in which it’s located. You will receive as much info about permit guidelines in your region before buying your fence. It is, however, up to the customer to install a fence according to the laws.

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