Ball Handling Exercises for Basketball Beginners

It is very important to use ball handling drills when trying improve your ability to handle the ball. It is hard to select the best drills from hundreds. The ball handling exercises I use have always produced good results. It’s been years since they were created and still works today. If you are looking for the best basketball practice and community you can visit colorado club basketball

The Hundred Dribble drill is the first exercise. This drill was designed to make you feel comfortable with the basketball. In order to do the drill, simply stand at a certain spot and dribble one hundred basketballs with your dominant hand. This is followed by dribbling 100 times in your dominant direction. End the drill with a 100-time dribble of the ball using your nondominant arm. Do not forget to snap your wrist when dribbling with your fingertips. Never dribble a basketball using your palms.

Dribbling Jog. Start at one of the baselines on the basketball courts and, with your dominant foot, dribble and run to the end opposite the baseline and return. Next, switch to your less dominant hand and perform the same drill. Each hand should perform 3 sets. Dribble your fingers and maintain your head while doing so.

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